Who we are?

We are a full service IT firm based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with core competencies and area of focus in everything web-related.

Our mission is to serve small and medium even large organizations to build, revamp and update their websites in an economic way while excelling to the maximum possible extent in delivering quality and staying compliant with the W3C validation guidelines.

We are well-versed in both open source and proprietary technological solution stacks in server configuration and in programming and design.

An exciting area of simplification of web design is the HTML5 specs that are being studied, tested and even fully launched as a live website. We will study your website’s requirements and will recommend HTML5 or one of the predecessor technologies based on our full analysis of the necessities.

CMS & other template types that can be tweaked or partially reprogrammed is another area of interest in the web development community. We can locate the closest match to your business’s needs in the ever growing ring of templates available to us and then carefully customize the chosen one to perfectly fit your requirements.

Call our customer support team to discuss your individual instance till you gain the confidence to make a good decision!

Telephone: +1 (647) 227-1264

Email: info@nextphasecorp.ca

How we work?

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