Social Media Advertising: It Goes Beyond Brand Awareness

The social media drum has been beating for years now. Everyone’s on the social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more platforms all promise marketing potential. So, why is your business not making the most out of it? What is holding back your social media success? Next Phase Corp.’s ‘Social Media Advertising’ solutions have the answer.

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What’s Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is different from social media branding. It goes beyond mere online social presence. Here, a dedicated social media advertising strategy is used to attract potential visitors. The budget is definitely higher compared to general social exposure. There are potentially millions of people out there looking for your services on social platforms. The Facebook Graph search engine alone feeds data to millions of people every second.

How Social Media Is Used for Advertising

Next Phase Corp creates a dedicated strategy specifically for each social media platform that lines up with the platform perfectly. Whether it is about building communities, starting conversations, social keyword targeting, we accomplish them all. Also, we ensure that you are optimized for mobile as well. We partner with analytics professionals to make sure your social media exposure is targeted. Every penny spent is tracked and allocated for maximum return-on-investment.

Our experts realize that social media advertising’s aim is to propel your business towards real users. The approach is to focus on the user’s experience and how to better connect with them from their perspective. Our social media advertising services feature:

  • Ad text, image placement and testing
  • Consistent research plus feedback on advertisement type
  • Targeting options with respect to campaign goals
  • Demographic, geographic and interest-based classification
  • Improve channel visibility, page engagement and participation
  • Fan-Page creation and Direct-to-site customer acquisition strategies

We combine social media methods with your business goals to achieve your branding objectives. Our social advertising campaigns drive sales with real-world local leads. Consistent customer participation is ensured from regular contact which further impact brand metrics.

Next Phase Corp – Our Social Media Services

Our social media services are broken into multi-level turn-key solutions. We develop a custom social media package within your budget.

  • Facebook Advertising – With rising popularity of graph search, tap into millions of local customers. Take advantage of unique targeting capabilities that classify customers on their interests.
  • Twitter Marketing – This is different. You have limited characters. A highly focused strategy allows you to target real customers with just a few words. Definitely worth it, if done right.
  • Project-based – The entire social SEO is featured here with page creation to account management. We offer a complete range of social media strategy as per your budget.
  • Social Display – From blogging to targeted campaigns, we work with various partners to get your brand the exposure it deserves and effectively target the customers you want to attract.
  • Paid Social Media – Paid social media is limited yet it is very high performance through the right channels. They require a budget but deliver targeted traffic that is more likely to be converted into real customers.

Next Phase Corp Delivers High-Performance Social Media Advertising

Every penny counts when it comes to social media advertising. Our experts know how important it is to squeeze out the true worth of every penny. Our day-to-day execution of social media advertising is tracked to make sure you always get the maximum ROI. Next Phase Corp serves your online advertising needs with dedicated and concerted social media efforts.

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