Web Analytics РConverting Raw Data into Goldmine 

Next Phase Corp knows the valuable insights derived from web analytics. In the online marketing realm, the raw data often contains crucial information which can be leveraged upon. A brand’s entire campaign can be redesigned as per the insights revealed by the data analysis. From content management to traffic conversion, it affects everything. Web analytics is the foundation of modern day online marketing campaigns.

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Our Perspective on Data Analytics

Until and unless its processed, raw data is nothing. Whatever you make from the new information is what the value of data is. When meaningful information is derived from it, the opportunities are seemingly endless. The comprehensive analysis of raw data helps deliver a brand’s optimal marketing strategy. Our enterprise analytics experts carry years of proven industry-specific experience in web analytics to help interpret valuable data.

Our data analytics consulting solutions make sure that your business’s unique needs are met. We leverage on the power of analytics to create a strategy that improves performance and delivers success. Converting raw data into actionable recommendations helps grow your brand.

Core Analytics Services

At the data discovery stage, we start collecting and analyzing the data. We start creating relationships between data and your business’s vision. Performance benchmarks are created after analyzing the data. Ultimately, this data helps in optimization of your marketing campaign. Smarter marketing decisions are a result of smart data analysis.

1. Plan – We monitor all your marketing channels for performance benchmarking. The framework for data analysis is laid here in the planning stage.

2. Develop – Our experts join the data analytics frameworks with the appropriate sales/marketing platforms to maximize ROI. Data reporting is done here.

3. Growth – Consistent growth is targeted by data monitoring. The direction of campaigns is decided by optimizing as per specific marketing channels for growth.

Every Business Has Unique Web Analytics Requirements

We customize the web analytics services as per every business’s unique needs. The framework, platforms, strategy and marketing/sales channels are chosen specifically for every business. An in-depth set of analysis and reports are generated on a recurring basis to keep the campaign on track. Our strategies are based on the user feedback. User attitude and behavior is closely studied to maximize your brand’s revenue. Efficiently and effectively monitoring of the marketing channels further improves the conversion. The measurement of the progress allows us to further fine tune the campaign.

Customer Intelligence

What are your customers doing exactly? ‘Customer Intelligence’ helps identify what your customers are doing and in which direction they are heading. Every sales channel is studied carefully to explore patterns and trends. Real-time data analytics driven business decisions are a direct result of the customer intelligence. We track both offline and online conversion to create effective tracking reports.

Search Intelligence

Search Intelligence refers to the vital information that search engines provide about your website. This is pivotal to business goals. From testable hypothesis to deriving real-world information, the program provides a lot of insights for the SEO experts to work upon. We link data with analytics to create clear pictures of your visitors. Search intelligence helps interpret attrition and retention rates better.

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Next Phase Corp employs rigorous data analytics techniques for analysis, testing and implementation to deliver successful optimization.

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