Yahoo Search Marketing – Being Second Best Pays Big Time

Web marketers may be all over Google search marketing but when it comes to revenues, Yahoo search marketing isn’t behind by much. Having the second largest search engine share, brings a host of opportunities. Yahoo may have a little less of a reputation, but it still makes the cut when it comes to online marketing platforms. Read on, if you want to target Yahoo SEO for more potential customers.

Benefits of Yahoo SEO Campaign

Yahoo SEO has its own benefits. When it comes to market share, it is second to Google and presently at 10%. However, in some geographic regions it leads the pack. Also, people still have Yahoo chat and it is integrated into every social media platform out there. Yahoo Search has an extensive search network.

  • Specialist Ad-Text – Text writing in Yahoo takes on a whole new meaning. The search terms are analyzed as per searcher’s behavior and search history.
  • Pay-Per-Click – Its paid advertising model is somewhat similar to Google – PPC is charged when relevant users click on your ads. You can of course choose keywords.
  • Online Campaigns – Yahoo search engine optimization campaigns run parallel to Google with minor changes to content and off-page optimization strategies.

Is SEO for Yahoo! Worth the Effort?

With Management changes, Yahoo has introduced many new products which bought the brand back into the search realm. People may question Yahoo as a search engine but the performance is there. The question you may want to ask is how much of your targeted market is sitting with Yahoo? Consider optimizing your website for Yahoo and track the results. If you are witnessing a slow and steady rise in the number of clicks, your effort may be worth a shot.

What Yahoo Wants

Just as with Google, the optimization techniques for websites are similar in the case of Yahoo. So, a good backlinks strategy, original content, authority creation and a full-fledged social media optimization strategy pays off well. Yahoo updates are slow compared to other search engines. So, once you achieve a rank, it is likely to hold on much longer and deliver constant traffic.

What We Do for Yahoo SEO

Next Phase Corp employs a host of methods that deliver top ranks in the Yahoo search engine. Some of them are:

1. Keyword Research – Highly targeted local search keywords are great for Yahoo. We discover and target keywords on a daily basis. Keyword auditing enables us to filter out maximum impact keywords. We focus on ranking less keywords (say5 to 7) for 100% match to deliver constant clients.

2. Meta Tags – Yahoo wants clear meta tags laden with appropriate keywords. We discover relevant keywords that are best for meta tags. Your web pages are optimized for a similar group of keywords. Yahoo crawls and ranks pages based on good meta tags.

3. Schema – It seems to work everywhere. This simple HTML code allows search engines to better perceive certain on-page elements. The microformat has taken precedence over complex coding and helps search engine better classify on-page elements. Yahoo also considers schema for search rankings.

4. Blogging & Social Media – Most small businesses don’t focus on authority creation through blogging and social media platforms. The world is sharing its knowledge and now search engines rank websites that share more often. Yahoo ranks websites with higher social media presence better just like all search engines.

Eat From Yahoo’s Search Engine Pie

Yahoo search engine optimization delivers a world full of new opportunities and undiscovered customers. Hop onto the relatively unknown search engine and get new clients.

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